Baomix Baobab fruit pulp power recipes

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Baobab Chicken & Groundnut Stew

This is a lovely traditional dish eaten all over Africa. There maybe different ways of making this dish and this is one of them. To really enhance the flavour of the Baobab fruit this version has a mild or medium heat and is served with cassava leaves or spinach as a side dish.
Ingredients Quantity
Onion 1
Olive Oil 2-3 Tablespoons
Garlic clove 2
Ginger Small
Green Chilli 1
Red Chilli 1
Tamarind Paste 1 Tablespoon
Chicken Breasts 4
Chicken Stock 2 cups
Chopped Tomatoes 1 Can
Tomato Puree 1 Tablespoon
Peanut Butter 1 cup
Baobab Powder 3 Tablespoons
Chop and fry the onion in the oil (not too much oil) on a medium heat, cook for 3 minutes
Chop garlic, ginger, red/green chilli’s and mix into the pan, add the tamarind
Add the chicken and fry quickly to seal, stirring continuously.
Stir in the chicken stock, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree and peanut butter.
Finally add the Baobab powder and salt and pepper seasoning.
Reduce the heat, cover and cook for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Serve on a bed of rice with roasted vegetables.
Add salt and pepper as required.
Energy Bars
Baobab fruit contains high levels of energy and is the perfect ingredient in a healthy snack bar.
Ingredients Quantity
Porridge 1 cup
Wheat germ 1/2 cup
Oat Bran 1/2 cup
Baobab Fruit Pulp 1 cup
Crunchy Peanut Butter 1 cup
Raisins or dried fruit-chopped 1 cup
Chocolate Chips (optional) 1 cup
Lighty Golden Syrup or Honey 1 cup
Snack Bar – perfect for school pack lunches
A perfect snack to add to your children’s school lunch. Easy, tasty and packed with goodness! Make sure your children get the benefits of baobab.
Ingredients Quantity
Porridge 225g
Baobab Fruit Pulp 60g
Raisins 55g
Roasted almonds 25g
Dried Sliced Bananas 25g
Soft Apricots 55g
Light Brown Muscavado Sugar 115g
Golden Syrup or Honey 55g
Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower Oil 170ml

Makes 12 bars

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4.
Mix the baobab, oats and raisins.
Cut the almonds, apricots and bananas into raisin-sized chunks and mix into the oats, baobab and raisin mixture.
Put the sugar into a medium-sized saucepan, adding the syrup and then the oil. Set over a low heat and stir until the sugar has become much less granular. Take care not to let the oil get too hot — it just needs to be warm, as the sugar won’t amalgamate with the oil and you don’t want it to burn.
Stir in the oat mixture and tip into a 30cm x 20cm nonstick baking tray. Spread evenly and pat firmly into the tray.
Bake for 15 minutes or until pale gold.
Remove from the oven and, when it begins to firm up, cut into 12 bars.
Leave until cold, remove from the tray and place on kitchen paper to soak up excess oil before wrapping individually and storing chilled.

Traditional African Baobab Juice
Traditional African baobab juice, simple, fast, healthy and delicious! Healthy drinks contraining superfruits in no time at all!
Ingredients Quantity
Baobab Fruit Powder 25g
Fresh Orange Juice 1/2 Litre
Warm Water 1 Litre
Brown Sugar (optional) 50g
Lemon Juice 10ml
Bring 1L of water to boil for 5 min.
Add the baobab pulp to boiled water and stir until well mixed
Add the orange juice and sugar to taste.
Let it cool keep refrigerated.
Legendary Baobab Porridge
Legendary, healthy porridge, fortified with baobab! Combine the slow energy release of complex carbs with the rapid energy boost of Baobab and you have a true superfood guaranteed to help you face the day!

Ingredients Quantity
Baobab Fruit Powder 20g
Cassava Flour 50g
Maize Flour 50g
Millet Flour 100g
Sorghum Flour 50g
Brown Sugar or Honey 20g
Mix all the 5 flours together in a container.
Boil 2L of water in a cooking pot and bring to boil.
Separately add 5 cups of cold water to the flour and stir to make thin paste.
Add the flour paste in boiling water while stirring continuously until the porridge boils.
Cook for 25 min then add sugar to taste.
Serve warm (not hot).
Bouye Drink (Baobab Fruit Drink)
Origin: Senegal
Period: Traditional

For the health concious individual, on the go and no time to waste!
Ingredients Quantity
Baobab Fruit Pulp 25g
Warm Water 1 Litre
Brown Sugar 1 Tablespoon
Hot or cold water
Add in the baobab
Add in some sugar (or honey) to taste
Stir well & Serve
Lakh or Lah
This dessert is a kind of sweetened porridge mix made from the fruits of the baobab tree, millet couscous and peanut butter.
Ingredients Quantity
Peanut Butter 1 cup/25g
Butter 2 Tablespoons
Baobab Fruit Pulp 1 cup
Millet Couscous 2 cups
Orange Essence (optional) 1 drop
Sugar (optional) To Taste
Nutmeg (optional) 1 pinch
Raisins (optional) 1/2 cup
Vanilla Essence (optional) 3 drops
Cook the couscous or use instant couscous.
Add butter and mix then put in the fridge once cool.
Mix the baobab juice and peanut butter in equal parts.
Add all the other ingredients, except the couscous, and stir well.
Place in the fridge until cool.
When ready to serve mix the sauce and couscous and add sugar to taste.
Salad Dressing
With all the goodness of baobab.

Ingredients Quantity
Lettuce 1/2
Cucumber, slice as needed 1/2
Tomatoes, slice as needed 2
Small Onion, slice as needed 1
Olive Oil 30ml
Baobab Powder 4 Teaspoons
Vinegar 20ml
Mix olive oil, baobab and vinegar (add a little water if needed), stir well and sprinkle gently over freshly cut vegitables.
If you need some “fire” to your salad, consider, grinded green chillies.
Baobab Cheese Cake
Cheese cake with a difference, smooth and healthy.

Ingredients Quantity
Baobab Fruit Powder 40gm
Cream Cheese 600gm
Butter 40gm
Wholemeal plain digestive buscuits 120gm
Granulated Sugar or Honey 60gm
Lemon Juice 1/2
Grease a 200cm flan tin, preferably one with a loose base.
Melt the butter in a pan over a slow heat.
Crush the biscuits to fine crumbs and add to the melted butter.
Add the mixture into the greased flan tin.
Mix together the cream cheese, sugar and baobab powder into a smooth consistency.
Add the lemon juice and mix thoroughly.
Spoon the mixture onto the pressed biscuit crumbs and spread evenly across the flan tin.
Cover with foil and refrigerate for 3 hours.
Baobab Smoothie! Awesome!
One of a number of healthy drinks containing a number of healthy fruits and super fruits such as Baobab and Blueberries.
Ingredient Quantity
Baobab Fruit Powder 2 tablespoons
Flaxseed 1 tablespoons
Apple Juice 200ml
Natural Plain Yoghurt 100ml
Banana One
Blueberries 180gm
Mix yoghurt and apple juice in a food blender until smooth.
Add the flaxseed and this is optional. If you do not like flaxseed, omit.
Add the banana, baobab powder and the blueberries and blend until smooth.
Pour into a straight glass and enjoy something really special.
Baobab Ice Cream – a delicious treat great for kids!
You did not know you could make ice cream from baobab! Sure you can!

Use suitable ice cream containers or small cups.
Ingredients Quantity
Milk 500ml
Baobab Fruit Powder 60g
Sugar 150g
Mix ingredients well.
Fill the containers and place in a freezer.
Allow to chill or freeze and enjoy!
You can add cinnamon, other juice (hibiscus, mango, pinapple, berries……) the official Baobab website

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